Detectamet: The tried & tested global market leader in detectable products

The most complete range of metal detectable and x-ray visible products, offering solutions to foreign matter contamination within the food industry.

Detectable products – your first line of defence in food safety

Detectamet has become established as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of detectable safety and hygiene equipment. Within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries their range of products is second to none.

  • Detectamet products are used to demonstrate “all due diligence”
  • Detectamet products can be used as part of HACCP and BRC procedures
  • Detectamet products help reduce foreign matter contamination
  • Can be detected and rejected by inline inspection equipment



About Detectamet Detectable Products?

Detectamet Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accredited company. Its key focus is the design, manufacture and supply of X-ray and metal detectable products to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Established 11 years ago it is now a market leading company offering its extensive range of patent protected products globally.

In addition to the tried and tested detectable products Detectamet is continually developing new and innovative solutions with nearly two dozen in the past 18 months. These provide answers to the challenges of reducing the risks of foreign body contamination in food and pharmaceutical products.

We pride ourselves in offering the global market a service that is second to none, coupled with our commitment to innovation in design and quality of manufacture. We are proud of our pioneering and proactive approach to the ongoing changes in industry and we strive to build on our strengths as a group of companies, allowing us to expand our current markets and continuously explore new opportunities.

The Detectamet range of over 180 designs includes products based on metal detectable plastics, stainless steels and aluminium. The company also supplies engineering companies with machinable detectable plastics that can be used to manufacture parts fitted into food processing machinery.

As manufacturers we can offer our customers own branding on the majority of our products. We believe this is an illustration of our commitment to working in partnership with other companies, allowing them to bring the benefits of our designs and food safe products to a global audience. Therefore, bringing Food Safety to an affordable and achievable level of excellence in the prevention of foreign body contamination issues.
Detectamet has the product knowledge, engineering experience and manufacturing facilities to help you develop your own product or application if you cannot find it in our standard range.

By using the range of Detectamet Detectable polymers and other materials we can successfully help you to develop many bespoke detectable products/projects and all at minimal costs to your company – because all the answers come from one source.

Engraving or sequentially numbering and marking is available for virtually all Detectamet’s Detectable Plastic, Stainless Steel & Anodised Aluminium products including pens, knives, scissors, tags, scoops, scrapers and cable ties. These detectable products can then be included in your traceability systems and help create an audit trail that can be used as part of HACCP.