Metal Detectable Safety Knife SK 112

Metal Detectable Safety Knife SK 112
Price: £10.56


The Detectables Online SK Series of Safety Knives and Cutters can offer you a wide range of knives to suit most applications within the food and pharmaceutical industries. Lost or unlocated cutters in food operations can now be readily detected!

All cutter bodies are made from metal detectable material, and are supplied as standard in blue. Other colours are available on certain styles. The SK Series of knives are all metal detectable. We are constantly looking to introduce more knives to this series - to meet all our customers requirements. We welcome your feedback and suggestions

The SK112 Metal Detectable Boxer cutter knife is a revolutionary & unique breakthroughin the field of Safety Knives. It is directly targeted at the most common uses for knives - CARDBOARD BOXES.

Unique Vari-Guard: Automatic Spring-Loaded Finger Guards, protect & retract when cutting Thumb grip for superior control Internal storage for new & used blades Blade will not break out of casing under stress Hook Blade punctures the box & prevents damage to goods inside. Straight Blade cuts conventionally with a 45 angle Only blunt edges of Hook Blade exposed. Protects fingers from sharp blade. Grip when wet No Screws - Fast blade change

Ideal for use in the following situations:

Strapping Cardboard Fast Blade Change

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